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Somizi blesses fan with a few suits and shoes




Somizi Mhlongo is one South African celebrity who is always dragged on social media on different issues and replies anyone who tries to throw shade at him but man has a heart of pure gold as he helps those who he feel needs his help.

However, being famous does not make it your duty to help others, being human does.

The star always find it easy to digs into his pocket, connections or personal stash to help when someone is in need.

But most of their fans always misunderstand them as they feel it is their duty to help others.

All this is coming after a fan reached out to Somizi and ask the star if he could possibly get  old clothes and shoes from him because he cant afford to get one.

The fan said: “Dear Somizi Mohale Mhlongo. You said we should ask the Universe and it will respond.I wrote this to ask the Universe to ask if I may please have your old clothes and shoes that you don’t wear any more. #BGF.”

Due to his boldness, Somizi responded as he told the fan he has a few suits coming his way.

“The universe has responded to timing is perfect. I hope we wear the same sizes. What’s your shoe and suit size?” 

The fan who was surprised to the response of the star, he wrote to show how grateful and excited he is.

Somizi’s response overwhelmed the grateful fan. We are almost sure that tears of excitement were shed.

This fan could not be more grateful.

“Oh my goodness I’m on size 6 and a half even 7 on some shoes and I believe my body size is the same as yours.” 

Somizi let the grateful fan know that he is busy getting a package ready for him and will be sending it his way shortly.

Somizi the replied: “Cool… I’m packing for you now. Where in Limpopo are you situated?” 



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