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SA Celebrities’ lifestyle before COVID-19 outbreak



As much as some believe that humans are the architecture of their lives, 2020 gave lots of people a big shock, as nature took it course in a negative way.

The number 2020 sounds interesting, and people, including South African celebs had the year planned out, not until COVID-19 suddenly hit the world, and those plans got paralyzed.

Life before the pandemic for South African celebs was fun. Some of your faves confessed missing those periods.

  • Is it the joy that comes with going for vacation. Most celebs enjoy travelling out of the country, for businesses, relaxation and to explore. The likes of Bonang Matheba, Influencers such as Kefilwe Mabote, Sarah Langa, Mihlal. What of family vacation and Baecations (lovers vacation). Photos from all these vacations are more than enough to be served as a juicy content on their social media platforms.


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    Guys, I know we are still under lockdown but do you see what our lives could have looked like if it wasn’t for one person eating a bat 🦇unprovoked?😩

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  • Oh! How do they miss party gatherings, including gatherings for awards and other entertainment shows. Some of Mzansi faves confessed missing Friday parties. Lots of celebs turned 30 year-old this year, there was no big party to celebrate such milestone.


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  • Gigs were a norm before COVID-19, but now, some annual shows are cancelled, while some held their virtually.


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  • Who would have thought face mask would turn out to be fashionable, thanks to Covid-19. Celebs would boldly flaunt their make-up including lip sticks.


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  • Being lavish wasn’t a big deal for some celebs before the pandemic started. However, many are now being watchful of how they spend. Some artists cried out on being broke. A regular flow of income is now uncertain.

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