Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos Shares His Coronavirus Regime

Los Blancos captain is, along with the rest of the club, currently in a state of quarantine, and he is showing off what he is up to at home during this time.

Homes in Spain are somewhat different right now as serious steps are
taken across the country – much like in other places – and this applies
to footballers too. With all those associated with Real Madrid in
quarantine due to the positive test for coronavirus of one of the
basketball players, other activities are being undertaken to stave off
boredom. And this has been seen in the home of football captain Sergio
Ramos and Pilar Rubio.

Ramos quarantined with the family

social media, the couple have shared their ways to keep the children
entertained, with Pilar Rubio first to get active, in the kitchen,
making muffins with Sergio Ramos Jr. and Marco.

The Real
Madrid captain also wanted to share some moments with the family and to
show the positive side of the quarantine with a special post. In it,
Ramos appears to be accompanied by his wife and his three children,
Sergio Ramos Jr., Marco and Alejandro, all of them looking very happy
alongside a message of: ”You have to see the good side, enjoy the

The secret of those smiles was revealed moments
later in their Instagram stories, where the couple could be seen playing
with their children in the pool of their home, a rather appealing
activity given the mid-20-degree temperatures in Madrid. And there were
plenty toys to keep them occupied.

Ramos also wanted to take
advantage of these stories to share positive messages with his
followers such as the now common advise #StayAtHome (Quédate en casa),
#BeBrave (Sé valiente), and #BeSafe (Permanece a salvo). And it seems as
though there has been some time for some hairdressing sessions with
both the Madrid defender and his two older children showing off their
respective hairstyles with big smiles.

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