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Lasizwe heartbroken after his new bae returned to Cape Town



Lasizwe has not been himself after his boyfriend retuned to Cape Town.

The star expressed how heartbroken he is after he had to be alone from now on.

Lasizwe and his new man had spent a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend together but in tears that he had to split up as his bae moves back to Cape Town.

The social media star released a series of emotional texts on his Instagram Story revealing that his bae had left. “It’s only hitting me now. He is gone” and “This is the first guy who was not ashamed to love me publicly, and now he is gone.”

At first, many thought they had broken up but he made it clear that he wonders how people deal with long distance relationships mentioning he is not used to it yet.

His followers felt bad for him and they did their best to console him.

Lasizwe admitted that he had found the best boyfriend he had ever had, a person who was prepared to love him publicly.

He said: “Let me shower, maybe I will feel better. I am so nauseous and emotionally drained.” 


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