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Kwesta opens up on expecting 2nd baby – “My world is a mess”



Kwesta will soon be a father for the second time, but he’s left fans emotional with the event behind being a father for the first time.

Taking to Instagram, the rapper narrated how his world was a mess in 2012 after welcoming his first child named Khai.

“When @khai.vilakazi was born my world was a mess. It was 2012, I shot the Boomshakala video in Cape Town, days after her birth. A month later, we went on THT(The Hangover Tour) with Cashtime Fam… A real tour! Like, we didn’t go to shows on the weekend and come back during the week… We were GONE! That shit ended in Jan and I came back home having had a life changing experience and no money,” he said.

The rap star also expressed gratitude to his wife, for the support given him through those tough times. He said the little girl and her mother were motivation for him, in other to succeed.

“Khai’s first year was confusing AF. I had become a father and that made me happy but I was broke too. I barely scored a show and when I did, that had to pay people who contributed to DaKAR which I was piecing together with the gents. I remember @yonessalvv got money from her aunt or something just to be able to have a little celebration for her 1st birthday. I almost didn’t even show up.. The shame of not just being broke but being a broke Kwesta almost got the better of me. I vowed to never put Yo or Khai in a situation of dire need like that ever again… Still working on it but all that shit motivated me.. Yo motivated me.. Khai motivated me.”

Speaking about the second baby, who is yet to be born, Kwesta said, this year 2020 is also messed up, due to the whole andemic and many other factors, but he isn’t going to use his wife and kids as motivation again.

“This year we are expecting our second child and guess what… My world is a mess. The future is under threat and IM THE HAPPIEST MAN ALIVE, all at the same time(the new music will clarify) It’s not 2012 though. I will not place the burden of being motivated on Yo, Khai or Putsununu. I’m getting off the boot of this vintage masterpiece and I’m headed straight to Grindville. Been a tough 2020 but I’m MUCH tougher,” he concluded.

Yolanda got emotional after reading this long piece on Instagram, she took to the comment section and said: “Damn man… brought a tear to my eye.”


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