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Girlfriend Of Burnley Fan Behind Plane Banner Suspended From Job Over Racist Messages



Jake Hepple, the man who claimed responsibility for the ‘White Lives Matter’ banner that flew over the Etihad Stadium on Monday, and his girlfriend Megan Rambadt are said to have posted bigoted messages on social media.

The girlfriend of the Burnley fan who chartered a plane over the Etihad Stadium has reportedly been suspended from her job.

Megan Rambadt, who is the partner of Jake Hepple, has been accused of posting bigoted messages on social media, which have seen her bosses at her beauty salon job take action.

The pair have been tracked down online after Lancashire Police confirmed an investigation was taking place, but they have since revealed that they will not be taking action for the banner.

Hepple claimed responsibility for the message on social media earlier this week and refused to apologise despite the outrage.

He said: “I’d like to take this time to apologise… to absolutely f***ing nobody!”

According to the Daily Mail, a group of far-right Burnley fans called The Suicide Squad crowdfunded the flight which passed over as players took the knee for Black Lives Matter.

To make matters worse, Hepple has been accused of sharing a series of racist slurs on social media, with Rambadt also spotted to have shared apparently racist posts.

Solace Foot Health and Reflexology, where she is employed, have since condemned what they describe as ‘abhorrently racist’ comments – and added that they will ‘deal with the situation internally’.

Jake Hepple the alleged Burnley fan who organised a plane with a “White Lives Matter” banner with Tommy Robinson

The full statement reads: “It came as quite a shock to us as the lady in question has never shown, insinuated or acted in any way that would suggest she could have such feelings and beliefs…

“We would like to thank the person who brought these comments to our attention and assure you that we will deal with this situation internally.”

The plane used in the original incident is believed to have taken off from Blackpool Airport, who have since announced that they have suspended all banner towing operations immediately.

source:- dailystar

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