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Fiorentina Striker Reveals How He Realised He Had Coronavirus



Fiorentina striker Dusan Vlahovic explains how he knew that he had contracted Coronavirus and why Federico Chiesa is more equipped than anyone to deal with a lockdown.

The forward is one of three Viola players who tested positive, along
with German Pezzella and Patrick Cutrone, as well as a member of their
fitness staff.

“I was at home, asleep and I just woke up covered in sweat with a fever,” said Vlahovic on his Instagram live stream.

measured my temperature and it was about 37 degrees, so I took some
medicine and called the club. My fever got worse and by the evening it
was at 39, so I went to hospital. I didn’t think it was that bad… In any
case, I am ok and resting.

“All I can do now is rest and in
14 days it’ll be over. I just have to stay away from people. I haven’t
seen any of my teammates, but I think they’re doing alright.”

entire country is in lockdown due to the crisis and Vlahovic joked
there’s one Fiorentina player well-suited to the circumstances.

is like a vacation for Chiesa, he’s always in his little cell! Chiesa’s
crazy about videogames. I won’t dare play him at FIFA, because he does
literally nothing else with his time, so he’ll definitely beat me. Pol
Lirola is addicted to it too.”

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