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Eastern Cape family recovers from COVID-19 together



An Eastern Cape family is grateful to be hale hearty after successfully recovering COVID-19 together.

Three members of the Jeneker family, two of them over 80 had to be rushed to hospital in July to receive treatment.

But as at now they all have made a full recovery.

Elizabeth Jeneker, 84, was discharged on the 14 July and her 82-year old husband – Samuel, was discharged a few days later.

Despite the threats of life, Samuel said he was never afraid.

I was never fearful or scared. I gave the matter to God, and that’s where I left it,” He said.

The couple and their daughter – Ilse were hospitalised on 9 July. Although Ilse is the youngest at 45, she had to stay in hospital the longest because of the severity of her illness.

However, she has always been fit and healthy and has no comorbidities.

I was still worried about them and I thought they are supposed to get the treatment. And as we healed, I could see that they are healing faster than me and I could feel that my lungs were not strong enough.” Says Ilse.

She is amazed that her parents who both have comorbidities are doing so well.

These are miracle babies sitting here! They are champions, these two, they are champions. Even when they were here, I feared… Because the doctor also said there’s a certain point where they must go to the hospital

The Jenekers said the virus has taken its toll on their bodies, leaving them feeling physically weaker.

But they are all grateful to be alive and together again.

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