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DJ Maphorisa reveals he is not affected by the pandemic



South African artists may be going through the most at the moment, but not DJ Maphorisa.

Many South African celebrities are not finding this Covid-19 pandemic funny as some of them are not able to get more money.

Some of them had to take to social media to tell their fans what they are really going through as they stated that it isn’t easy for them also.

However, the case is totally different from DJ Maphorisa for the last five months of no income.

Some of them can not wait for the president to lift the lockdown.

The DJ stated that he is not talking about himself but was just saying that for the sake of his fellow artists.

Some of his fans are not finding his tweet funny as they feel he has been living his best life since the pandemic.

He is seen with waltzing Sandton’s Diamond Walk to do some leisure shopping.

Some followers called him out on it, claiming that celebs were calling for the industry to reopen but then flexing on their fans.

Phori explained that he joins the call for lockdown to be lifted because he’s a team player and is not selfish.

But some of his followers feel he is broke already that was why he voice out.

“I am sorted with racks. I have gang of bags for days. I was saying the whole country is suffering, nna I have a plan. I think for other people, get it? I am not selfish. If I want to, I can go to (Diamond Walk) every day,” the DJ flexed.


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