Ancelotti: Everton Are Not Really Self-Isolating At All

Carlo Ancelotti reveals Everton are “not really self-isolating at all” after one of their players developed Coronavirus symptoms and it was “about time” the Premier League was suspended.

“We’re not really self-isolating at all, but some prevention measures
did come in after a player had a fever, but his temperature has dropped
now and that’s the most important thing,” the former Napoli coach told
La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“The Premier League did stop
eventually, and it’s about time. It was the right decision faced with
the scenario. We couldn’t continue. Health is the most important thing
for everyone: teams, fans, media, everyone who works in football.

theory, we ought to get back to work on March 22, but if the situation
in general should worsen, how can we even think of that? If the
Coronavirus is still spreading rapidly, football cannot resume.”

are debates about how the Premier League should be decided if there can
be no more games this season, with some even calling for the whole
campaign to be null and void.

“To be perfectly honest, I am
not interested,” added Ancelotti. “Football counts for zero right now
and it almost irritates me to be talking about it, faced with the
tragedy that is unfolding in front of our eyes. This is a pandemic, a
situation none of us had experienced before now.

“The number
of deaths in Italy (1,266) is terrible. In one day, another 250 people
died. The priority is to concentrate on this fight, the rest doesn’t

The first case in Italy was three weeks ago, but in Britain they are only at the start of this wave.

were forced to understand that it was time to stop being superficial,
they had to respect the orders and stay home, to respect themselves and
others during this war,” continued Ancelotti.

“I watched
Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s speech on TV and it seems to be someone
here hasn’t realised the gravity of the situation. Life continues as
normal, to a certain degree.”

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