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7 things men do on the first date that turn off women



Ever wondered why women don’t turn up on the second date after meeting you once? Read on to know about the things men do on the first date that turn off women.

We’re only human – which means that we all – even the most confident people among us are capable of making mistakes.

While some mistakes are forgivable, others are simply a turn-off. You most definitely don’t have to be a stud to impress a woman. What most men don’t realise is that their unintentional gestures can turn their date off.

If you’re someone going on a date and quite possibly looking for a new relationship, you may want to avoid doing certain things. Because once the woman is turned off by something you do or don’t do, it can be difficult to win them over.

So, in order to keep you in the dating game and impress the woman you like, take a look at the things men should not do on the first date.

1. Men who think insulting their exes in front of someone they barely know is commendable, then they’re wrong. It only portrays you in a bad light.

2. Eyeing other women while you’re on a date with another woman. If you think you’re being sneaky, think again. Women are meticulous, especially when it comes to dating.

3. Comparing, in general, is not acceptable, but it should be avoided at all costs if you’re on your first date. Comparing her with other girls is not something she signed up for.

4. Constantly bragging or showing off may not work in your favour. Guys who don’t ask a question about their girl because they are too self-indulged are a complete turn-off. If you really want to impress someone, be confident and let them come around to compliment you.

5. Men who try to get too handsy or turn every single conversation into a sexual one. Not only is it a turn-off, but embarrassing as well. Trying to be overly sexual way too soon is a complete turn-off.

6. Men who are rude to other people. If you think talking down to the waiter is chivalrous, you are wrong. How well you treat others is something women will notice on their first date. You might not see your date again if you don’t learn how to respect others.

7. Someone trying to dismiss all your date’s interests and ideas and making them feel stupid. Most woman will never date a guy who makes her think that she is not smart enough to give her opinions.

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