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5 struggles of dating an unexpressive partner



It’s actually a weird situation to find one’s self in. And for people who end up with people like this, here are five struggles they are bound to encounter in that relationship.

Here are the relationship problems you’ll get with a girlfriend or boyfriend who struggles to express their emotions.

1. Assurance

Generally, love is a feeling ascertained by what people do and what they say. When someone is in love with you, they express it with their words, constantly show it with their actions or most likely, do both.

Being with a man or woman who is unexpressive will however feel different as the assurance will hardly come in their words. Even their actions won’t show it.

You’ll have to regularly ask questions with a view to getting an assurance that you’re not in the relationship alone. And of course, we all know just how important assurances are in relationships.

2. Misconstrued emotions

With unexpressive partners, things get complicated. Because they often find it hard to say what’s on their mind, it leaves open a lot of space for misinterpretation of their thoughts and feelings.

This can in turn lead to misunderstandings and unwanted fights that could have been avoided if one of them wasn’t unexpressive.

3. Lack of warmth

In a relationship with a partner who struggles to express his or herself freely, there is likely to be a lack of warmth and boredom of sorts.

Even if one partner is expressive and full of life, after getting lukewarm responses to their attempts to bring some boisterousness to the relationship, they might give up.

Depending on how the partners handle this, this could improve or become even worse with time.

4. Communication problems

An unexpressive partner would either find it difficult to process his emotions or struggles to communicate them.

Obviously, this won’t be the best communication partner. And this could be the realest struggle.

5. Emotional gaps

When your partner finds it hard to say you’re beautiful, when the compliments are scarce, when they can’t express how they truly feel about you and assure you with their words, it leaves a gap that could be filled by something or someone else.

In the long run this emotional gap puts a real life gap between both partners till the relationship can no longer work.

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